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Our team will instantly contain user and endpoint threats to cut off the attacker. Detailed findings reports guide you to take additional remediation and mitigation actions tailored to your program. Let our team be a force multiplier for you. Detection and response experts—from your security advisor to the SOC—help you strengthen your defenses, take immediate response actions, and improve your program.

Identify vulnerabilities and validate security defenses utilizing independent expertise, experience and perspective to enhance your security posture, reduce your risk, facilitate compliance and improve your operational efficiency.


Dedicated security advisor

24x7 SOC monitoring by world-class experts

Real-time incident detection and validation

Immediate response actions taken on your behalf

Proactive threat hunting

Zero data costs and unlimited event sources

What is a SOC?
A Security Operations Centre (SOC) is a facility that houses a dedicated team responsible for maintaining and improving an organisation’s cybersecurity. A SOC or CSOC is equipped with a range of security technologies which are used by the personnel that work within them to help prevent, detect and respond to cyber threats.

Developing a SOC capability should be a priority for any organisation seeking to elevate its cyber maturity. As threats evolve to bypass traditional signature-based defences, organisations must improve their ability to prevent, detect and respond to them. A Cybersecurity Operations Centre provides the capability organisations need, 24/7.
The challenges of operating an in-house SOC
One of the main challenges businesses face when seeking to make improvements to Cybersecurity is overcoming the vast expense associated with building and maintaining an in-house CSOC operation. Implementing the latest technologies and monitoring them 24/7 is costly, compounded by the fact that the qualified security experts needed to carry out day-to-day operations are in short supply and therefore expensive to recruit and retain.
Why consider a Managed SOC service?
To reduce the strain on already stretched IT teams, many organisations are turning to managed SOC services to meet their security needs. Acting as a virtual extension of in-house resources, a managed CSOC relieves organisations of the responsibility of managing security day-to-day.

What does a SOC do?
A SOC is made up of security analysts, engineers and responders tasked with preventing, detecting, responding to and remediating cyber threats around-the-clock. SOCs are typically responsible for activities such as system deployment and management, log management and monitoring, incident investigation and triage, vulnerability management and compliance reporting.
How do you implement a SOC?
Building and implementing a SOC is far from an overnight process. It requires an extensive period of design and strategy planning, in which SOC processes are created and training is undertaken.

The work isn’t over after implementation – SOC use cases need to be developed and the facility has to be maintained and developed over time. For any organisation lacking the resources to build and staff 24/7 operation, a co-managed SOC or fully-managed SOC will prove a cost-effective option to help bridge the gap.
What is a managed SOC
A managed SOC, sometimes referred to as SOC as-a-service, is an outsourced security service that provides organisations with a SOC capability for a cost-effective subscription. A managed SOC works as a virtual extension of in-house resources to deploy and manage security technologies, monitor and triage alerts, analyse and investigate threats and support incident response. SOC services take many different forms, including a fully Outsourced SOC, Virtual SOC or Co-managed SOC, where responsibilities are split between the buyer and service provider.
How much does a SOC cost?
As you might expect, the cost of a SOC varies significantly from organisation to organisation. Implementing the latest technologies and monitoring them 24/7 is costly, and the certified security experts needed to carry out day-to-day operations don’t come cheap. Even for a medium-sized business, costs can quickly escalate into the millions, with recent research from the Ponemon Institute suggesting an average annual spend of over ($3M) R50 million. Outsourcing the SOC function should yield significant cost-savings – for many organisations the subscription fee will be lower than the equivalent cost of hiring just a small team of analysts to cover a 24/7 shift rota.


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